The Power Electronics Laboratory was established in 1972 and is located in the Electrical Machines Laboratory located in the Gümüşsuyu Building, when the Electrical Engineering department moved to the Ayazağa campus in 1995, it started to take place as a separate laboratory. The laboratory is one of the most comprehensive Power Electronics Laboratories in the country in terms of the hardware, equipment and knowledge it has. The laboratory is used for the Power Electronics Laboratory course in order to support the theoretical knowledge of Electrical Engineering undergraduate students, and also provides benefits in conducting the applied and experimental parts of the postgraduate thesis studies carried out within the department. In addition to these, tests of systems belonging to industrial organizations can be performed and joint projects can be carried out with industry.

In the laboratory, there are 16 multi-purpose experimental setups that can use alternative and direct voltages of different values and 3 comprehensive test sets that can be used only for educational purposes. Within the scope of the laboratory, experiments on basic power electronics circuits such as semiconductor switch elements, controlled and uncontrolled rectifier circuits, AC choppers, inverters, DC choppers are carried out for undergraduate students.

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