cemsys Efficient use of energy in all areas appears as a policy in our country as well as all over the world. Electric motors consume approximately two-thirds of the electrical energy produced worldwide. In Turkey, Energy Market Regulatory Authority data indicates that three phase electric motors comprise seventy percent of industrial electricity consumption and thirty-six per cent of the total consumption. As a result, the efficiency of motor and motor / generator and their control systems is of great importance in terms of energy consumption. Efficient use of these systems is also important in areas of renewable energy, transport systems, aviation, white goods, etc. It covers many areas and addresses a wide range of research topics. It is extremely important to develop energy efficiency-oriented electromechanical systems, to carry out national and international projects, and to train industry-oriented researchers on these subjects at graduate level. Computational Electromechanical Systems Laboratory (CEMSys Lab.) has been operating for more than two years as a research laboratory in graduate research, making use of up-to-date information and technology in the field of electromechanical systems in line with these needs.