1. Installed power 250 kVA
  2. 25 kW, 220 V direct voltage supply,
  3. 25 kW, 110 V direct voltage supply,
  4. 80 kVA, 50 Hz, 0 ... 380 V adjustable alternating voltage supply
  5. 25 kW, 0 ... 220 V adjustable direct voltage supply,
  6. 22 kW, 380V, 10 ... 100 Hz, variable frequency supply,
  7. Dynamofren for electric motor loading tests up to 55 kW power
  8. For the winding insulation experiment, there is a direct voltage source of 10 kV.

There are 14 experimental setup for student experiments, 3 multi-purpose setup and 1 experiment setup for industrial experiments in the Electrical Machines Laboratory. In today's conditions, each setup can be fed at 5 different voltage levels, 3 of that are at different frequencies, with the arrangement of busses. The laboratory is built on a total area of 1900 m2 on two floors. Approximately 40 km of cable and nearly 1000 switches and contactors have been used in the electrical installation. The laboratory is a student laboratory and offers approximately 150 students the opportunity to do 10 different experiments in each semester. In addition, all experiments for determining the plate values of electrical machines according to TS 3067 and IEC 34-1 and loading, heating and insulation tests of small electrical machines - sewing machine motor, washing machine motor, etc.