can berk sanerHello there! I'm Can Berk Saner. I graduated from ITU Electrical Engineering Department in 2015. In 2016, I got my master's degree from University of Sussex, Engineering and Business Management. After a one-year break, I returned to ITU and started the Electrical Engineering graduate program and started working as a research assistant in our department.
After graduating with my second master's degree in 2019, I gained the TEV-SINGA scholarship in 2020 and started my PhD education at the National University of Singapore, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

ITU Electrical Engineering has a special position at national and international level as its focus of education is in the field of "power and energy systems". Here, I saw that especially the lectures about the electrical power plants and electric machines I had just received during my undergraduate education were given at master's or even doctorate level at most established universities abroad. This theoretical knowledge provided by ITU helped me a lot during the doctorate education process.

I think it is a privilege to study at ITU Electrical Engineering, which provides a specialized education in this field, which has a great place both in industry and academia.

Can Berk Saner
BSc (İTÜ),  MSc (İTÜ)
University of Sussex

hazal ciftciI completed Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program between 2011-2016. In 2017, I entered the Electrical Engineering Department Master's Program and started to work as a Test & Strategy Engineer at Ford Otosan the same year. In 2018, I qualified to be an ITU Electrical Engineering Research Assistant and I am currently continuing my PhD education in the Electrical Engineering program and working as a Research Assistant. 

The first gain from your education life at Istanbul Technical University; In this institution, you are not only a student, but also becoming a part of a culture of almost 250 years and a very large family. You will feel this when countless doors are opened to you alongside the technical knowledge you have gained theoretically and your analytical thinking ability. Because ITU; With its engineers capable of directing its sector at both national and international level, it will appear in the leading institution and will offer you opportunities. So once you enter this door; both you will be studying at one of Turkey's top universities, as well as this you will be sure to feel the privilege of a lifetime.

In addition, I think that as a university student, the physical facilities, social and cultural activities of the school where you will be studying, and the campus facilities where you will spend 5 years is another advantage of ITU. Here you will make permanent friendships and you will get opportunities to spend a good quality time socially.

If your goal is to get an internationally adequate and technologically equivalent education within the borders of the country considering what you can do both academically and in industry, I can say that you are in the right place.

I wish you all success

Hazal Çiftçi
BSc (ITU), MSc (ITU)
PhD Student – Research Assistant Istanbul Technical University

nur elif topuzI completed my undergraduate education in the Department of Electrical Engineering between 2011-2016. Our department has courses in many different disciplines such as electrical installations, lighting, power electronics and electrical machines. Therefore, we have the possibility to work in more than one business area. After my undergraduate education, I entered the Electrical engineering master's program in 2016. While I was continuing my master's education, I started to work as a Project Engineer in the Power Electronics R&D department at Arçelik A.Ş. After completing my master's degree, I entered the PhD program in 2019. At the same time, I am working as a Researcher at TÜBİTAK Rail Transport Technologies Institute.

ITU trains its students to be ready not only for the academy but also for the industry when they graduate. The academic staff also cooperates with the industry and provides consultancy to many important technology companies. ITU provides many opportunities for its students as a campus life. Technical University will be the right choice for all friends who want to study Electrical Engineering or want to study engineering.

Nur Elif Topuz
BSc (ITU), MSc (ITU)
Researcher – TUBITAK Rail Transport Technologies Institute.

mehmet murathan taşkınI graduated from ITU Electrical Engineering Department with a bachelor's degree in 2016 and a master's degree in 2019. After working as an Electrical Design Engineer at Altınay Robot Technologies, I started to work as an Electrical Systems Engineer at Turkish Technic.

First of all, ITU is not a school but a common culture for its members. You do not leave this journey, which you started with a good score, at the end of 4 years only by acquiring analytical thinking skills. At the same time, you leave as a good engineer who has gained his social skills and the ability to cope with the difficulties that can be encountered in business life.

The theoretical and practical engineering education provided in ITU Electrical Engineering Department will make it easier for you to overcome any difficulties you may encounter in your working life. You will notice that the different projects prepared for each lesson actually give you different perspectives and contribute to your approach to the events where you work.

In addition to the engineering education provided, the fact that there is a campus life that has all kinds of opportunities to improve people socially and culturally will be another feature that makes this place different.

Istanbul Technical University, which has all the technical and social opportunities required to train a good engineer, will continue to carry the privilege and self-confidence of graduation with them throughout their careers.

M. Murathan TAŞKIN
BSc. (ITU), MSc. (ITU)
Electrical Systems Engineer 
Turkish Technic

muhammed cihad akkayaITU. Technical University as old saying goes. The home which raised the ones who have worked and will work for the future of Turkey. It’s frightening sometimes with its dark cold hallways, pop-up quizzes, diffucult exams, it’s sometimes entertaining and instructive with humorous lessons, enjoyable projects, homework and experiments, but after all it is a well-established university that makes me say I'm luckily here. Coming to my story, my path crossed with the Department of Electrical Engineering in the summer of 2014. Then we spent an intensive 5 years together until I graduated in 2019. Starting from the 4th week on, exams, quizzes, homeworks were continuing till the final exams and we couldn’t keep ourselves from thinking that when we’r gonna have fresh minds. The event, which we call refresh after the exam, was planned not in days but in hours, due to the upcoming exam or deadlines. But when I look back now, I am glad I studied in this program. Studying in such a specific program focused on the power part of electrical engineering provided me the opportunity to learn many things in a more detailed and advanced level. Later on, with the great contribution of this program, I get accepted into MSPE program from the Munich Technical University's Power Engineering department. I think I owe being one of the 68 students accepted to the program out of more than 800 students from all over the world who have completed their universities as top rank students and then gained 3-5 years of work experience to the straighthead education I got here which somehow balances the theory and the practice. When I received a 6-month internship acceptance from Huawei Tech's power electronics focused R&D laboratory in Germany, one of the items I took with me was my power electronics lecture notes at ITU. Shortly, I can say that I started to understand the value of being an ITU alumni after graduation as I saw the contribution of the education I received to my life. Now, I will always look forward to working with my ITU colleagues in many challenges all around the world. I wish success and best of luck to all of you.

Muhammed Cihad Akkaya
The Technical University of Munich (TUM)

m. alparslan zehirThe choice of university and department is a choice that most of us make without completely predicting what gains we will actually achieve, no matter how detailed they investigate. University education, on the other hand, is an important and valuable process that you can contribute to yourself as much as you are aware of the opportunities offered and the possibilities that can be reached and the more you benefit from them.
ITU Electrical Engineering is one of the few departments that trains qualified engineers and scientists with high level of knowledge and skills for the sectors with the largest budget and the most critical systems in our country and worldwide. This department pioneered and contributed to the opening of many departments and laboratories both in ITU and many other universities in our country. In addition, it has a position that guides the public and private sector with its graduates who stand out with their success in business life.

The undergraduate program of the department includes many technical elective courses that are not included in the programs of many universities and provide important professional skills, laboratories that allow academic and industrial up-to-date studies as well as education, valuable lecturers who do not compromise on quality in their education and research, students who have achieved important degrees in international competitions with its project teams, it provides its graduates with the infrastructure to be able to do successful work in related fields all over the world. Electrical Engineering master's and PhD programs, on the other hand, include advanced field courses, national and international scientific research project opportunities that offer students a scholarship thesis, and collaborative work environments where you can exchange ideas and collaborate with people and institutions on similar topics. offers an efficient postgraduate education equivalent to the best examples abroad, where you can acquire an innovative perspective and R & D culture needed in many fields, and make the latest studies that will carry the world literature further in certain fields. I am very happy to be a graduate of an ITU Electrical Engineering undergraduate (2010), master's (2013) and doctorate (2019) and I can say that if I return to my undergraduate-graduate education preference periods again, I will make the same choices with peace of mind.

Mustafa Alparslan Zehir
BSc (ITU), MSc (ITU), PhD (ITU)
Postdoctoral Research (UCC, MaREI - Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland, Ireland)
Asst. Prof. Marmara University, Faculty of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering