Deadline of Graduation Design Projects of Spring 2020-2021:

July 20th, 2021, Sunday 24.00

Until that date;

  • The report of Graduation Design Project in PDF format,

  • The ‘Turnitin Similarity Report’ that attached to the Graduation Design Project Submission Form ( which is confirmed by your advisor) should be uploaded to the ITU Ninova System.

Graduation Design Project Presentations

  • You should have a hard copy version of your Graduation Design Project with yourself during the presentation.

  • ITU Ninova system does not allow to upload any file after the deadline. You should consider the time of loading process and Schedule your time remaining.

  • The deadline of Graduation Design Projects is unchangeable and no postponement is possible. If you do not have an excuse which is not included in ITU Senate Principles, part of Acceptance of Excuses; your requests to upload your studies to the Ninova System will not be accepted.

  • The Submission form of project should be filled in computer and printed. Then, after your advisor signed the document, convert it to the PDF format. Since the “Turnitin Final Report” is generated in PDF format, these two files should be combined (Submission Form will be the 1st page). You can use this free software to combine two PDF files.Then you could upload the file to the Ninova system after the file name is changed to "ELK_BTPTF_2017GUZ_StudentNumber.pdf".

  • The file size is limited to 20 MB maximum for the files that will be uploaded to Ninova System. If your file is more than 20 MB, you could decrease the resolution of images in the project at the PDF converting step of uploading.

  • If the created PDF file is more than 20 MB, the file size could be decreased by making the file zipped by RAR or ZIP. If it is still more than 20 MB; then it could be divided into several files. There are additional loading sections have been added fort he purpose of uploading these files to the homework section of Ninova system. In this case, you can upload up to 95 MB PDF file size (If the 5 individual file sizes are 19 MB)

  • All the steps of Graduation Design Project delivery process will be completed electronically. So you do not need to submit any hardcopy document to the Electrical Engineering Department.

  • The “Graduate Survey Form” filled by the student will be submitted during the poster presentation.

  • In order for your project to be accepted, the similarity ratio should be below 25% in the final report generated by Turnitin.

  • The Turnitin database compares the Graduation Design Project document uploaded by the student with the documents in the database (including the projects made in the ITU Electrical Engineering Department in previous years) as a percentage of how similar your project is to other documents.

    Steps to be followed in uploading the Graduation Design Project into the Turnitin database: 

  • The detailed use of the Turnitin database can be reviewed in the “Turnitin Teacher Guide” document.

  • Firstly, your instructor’s Turnitin account should be opened by ITU Library. For this, the advising lecturer is required to send the account opening request to “" in the form of NAME, FACULTY and DEPARTMENT informations. Once this is done, the username and password for entering the Turnitin system comes to the e-mail address of the advisor.

  • The instructor logs into the system using the Turnitin website and creates a class by pressing the "+ Add Class" button at the top right of the screen for uploading the documents of the students. "Class ID" and "Enrollment Key" created in this step will be used when students are logged into the system.

  • The instructor creates an assignment by clicking the "+ Add Assignment" button at the top right of the screen for this course by clicking on the newly created course. In the homework creation step, click "Optional Settings" and select "no repository" under the "Submit Papers" menu.

  • Students can click the "Would you like to create your user profile? Click here" link on the login section at the Turnitin page and after that the "Create a New Account" section at the bottom of the page. You will receive a copy of your project in a single file by using "Class ID" and "Enrollment Key" that you take from your advisor on your screen.

  • On the file uploading step; in some file browsers (Chrome), the "Upload" button may not appear on the page. In this case, try again using a different internet browser (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.).

  • Advisor lecturers can access the details of the report by logging into the Turnitin system. In this report, the similarity of your Graduation Design Project report to the other documents is given as a percentage, and it is specified in detail which documents are similar. The student is informed about the evaluation of the report by their advisor.

  • In order for your Graduation Design Project to be accepted, the similarity ratio must be below 25% in the final report generated by Turnitin.

  • The similarity report generated by Turnitin should be saved in PDF format and uploaded to ITU Ninova system as a single file as described above together with Graduation Design Project delivery form.

  • The detailed use of the Turnitin database can be reviewed in the Turnitin Teacher Guide document.