Electric Vehicle Team

ITU Electric Vehicle Team represents both our country and our university in the international Shell Eco-Marathon competition. The team is formed of students from the departments of Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Control, Mechanical, Chemistry, Architecture, Civil Engineering under the groups Electric, Machinery and Organization, which is mentored by Dr. Derya Ahmet Kocabaş as the team counselor.

Speed is of no importance in competitions, but rather energy efficiency rises to prominence. In races where vehicles can hit the race track after undergoing highly detailed technical controls, our team has so far represented our country in the races took place in Le Mans, Paris in France and Istanbul in Turkey, coming in third in Le Mans and Paris. In 2020, our team was also accepted to the race in London, being the top-level race in the category; however, the competition was canceled due to the pandemic outbreak. Our new electric vehicle has been fully designed, which will be introduced in 2021.

As of 2021, our university will be represented by ITU Electric Vehicle Team in TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge races.  Given the design process on the point of finishing, the vehicle is planned to hit the race track by the end of summer 2021.

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