Electrical Engineering covers energy development & power generation, power transmission &distribution networks, and electrical machines & power electronics. Electrical engineering also forms a multi-disciplinary application platform with the intersection of mechanical, electronic, computer, and communications engineering. This platform leads to design, install, monitor, control, protect and manage the modern age electrical power systems. 

Going as far back as 1926 when it began offering education, the Department of Electrical Engineering (Branch)  was established in 1944. The department has graduated 5296 students from the undergraduate program of electrical engineering. Currently, the undergraduate program has 980 students alongside a number of 84 students enrolled in the master’s degree program and 16 Ph.D. students, all of whom continue their education and research at the department. The academic staffs including 14 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 7 Assistance Professors, 2 Lecturers, and 24 Research Assistants successfully run undergraduate and graduate programs.

The mission and vision statements determine the frame of electrical engineering education. While the program educational objectives describe the carrier and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing the graduates to achieve, the program learning outcomes describe what students are expected to know and able to do by the time of their graduation. By transferring the education from the teaching mode to the learning mode, the students are encouraged to improve their ability in using their knowledge effectively. 

Undergraduate Programs

According to the 2020 YKS preference guide, the Department of Electrical Engineering has undergraduate programs for students.

Electrical Engineering Program (%30 English)  

Electrical Engineering Program (%100 English) 

Since at least 30% of education must be in English at ITU, students entering one of the programs must pass the English proficiency exam or attend a preparatory school for 1 year in order to begin taking courses in the first semester. The normal education period in Electrical Engineering is 8 semesters (4 years) and students are required to do a total of 45 days of practical internship until the end of their education period.

Graduate Programs

The programs offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering within the body of ITU Graduate Education Institute
Electrical Engineering – Master and PhD

You can find the introduction video of our department here.

Head of Electrical Engineering Department