Prospective Students

Why should I study Electrical Engineering at ITU?
What will I learn in ITU Electrical Engineering?
What is the difference between Electrical and Electronics_Communication engineering?
What are the major areas of specialization in ITU Electrical Engineering?
What are the career opportunities after graduation?
What are the job opportunities for your graduates?
What are the laboratory facilities at the department?
How about the number of faculty members?
How many undergraduate and graduate students are registered with the Department of Electrical Engineering?
Is ITU Electrical Engineering an appropriate department for women?
Where can I reach the curriculum and lecture contents of the Electrical Engineering Department?
Can I go abroad during or after my education?
Is this department hard to study?
Are there any opportunities to start working close to ITU Campuses before the graduation?
Are library facilities sufficient at ITU?
Can I improve my foreign language at ITU?
Can all new students at ITU benefit from dormitories on campus?
What are Minor and Double Major Programs? What options do I have if you become an Electrical Engineer student?
If I cannot win your department, can I transfer to Electrical Engineering from another department of ITU?

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