The laboratory is designed for 10 student experiments to be simultaneously carried out and the dark room in which photometric measurements can be made. Lighting switches, indoor installation circuit breakers, relays used in indoor and outdoor lighting, all types of light sources ranging from the oldest technology to the newest, from incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge to the latest technology of LEDs, electrical and photometric characteristics of light sources and luminaires are the subjects of this laboratory. The laboratory is mainly serving the education of students, both through the elective course Illumination and Indoor Installation Lab which is offered on the 7th semester of the EEP and graduation design projects as well as Master’s and PhD studies. In addition to its educative purpose, the lab also serves for the requests of the industry for photometric and electrical measurements.

There are 10 experiment tables, equipped both with 3 phase and single phase power, specifically designed for the experiment carried out in the laboratory. The dark room, which does not receive any daylight and has only black surfaces to provide the necessary environment for photometric measurements, is equipped with a 1 m diameter Ulbricht Sphere (Integrating Photometer), a 4 m Photometer Bank, several luxmeters, a luminance meter, a UV light meter, temperature and humidity meters, avometers, wattmeters and several other measurement devices which are necessary for an Illumination Laboratory. A cube shaped Integral Photometer, specially designed for the measurement of light sources which are big in size, is also available for special measurements.