Dear students, it is important to pay attention to the following issues during course registration in order to provide you with the best registration service. The course registration will be held via e-mail due to pandemic.

1. Students who will take the course for the second time must be appointed to an advisor (if not) two weeks before the course registration. Since the course registration of the students who will take the course for the second time cannot be made by the Coordinator, grievances arise. In addition, since the Coordinator has to deal with the course registrations during the course registration week, there are delays in the appointment of the advisors and naturally the course registrations are disrupted. As a result, some students cannot be registered and some students cannot take the courses they want because the quotas are full.

2. Students who will enroll for a course for the first time or for the second time must log in to the Student Registrar's Office and check whether there has been a change in their status before registration. It is understood that some students have HOLD in their registration when they apply for course registration. This relates to fees not paid on time. This HOLD is removed after the required fee is paid during registration. This again causes delays. Before the student registers, he or she should find out whether there is such a situation by questioning in the student affairs.

3. Students who will enroll for the course for the first time (with their advisor, who will register for the second time) can take the courses they have determined according to the course taking criteria in the format specified below. Dr. Ahmet Cansız via e-mail ( It is important to write a Course Registration in the subject part of the e-mail so that it does not interfere with other mails. The student is responsible for the results in the desired format and due to lack of knowledge. Since the total of the senior and new students is over 80 and only the coordinator can make these registrations, your care in this regard will help the registration process to be carried out in an ordinance and faster way.
Student Name, surname:
Student number:
Student pin:
Course name, Code, CRN:

4. The courses and quotas to be taken by the students are determined, and the weekly schedules and quotas of these courses do not change. For whatever reason, it is not possible for students to increase the quota by applying to the lecturer who teaches the course. For this reason, in order to avoid quota problems, you should determine the courses you will take in advance and inform your advisor or, if you are going to register for the first time, to the coordinator in time. The coordinator makes the course registrations by queuing the incoming e-mails.

5. Add/drop classes: Course can be add/drop during the add/drop week. During the course registration week, please do not take the course that you do not intend to take (in case you drop it later). Remember, the quota of a course you take unnecessarily will be blocked from taking an essential course for another student.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cansız,
Department coordinator